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Desert Way Pipes & Fittings Trading LLC

DESERT WAY Pipes & Fittings Trading LLC represents an enthusiastic team who understands the importance of team work, recognize the efforts made by others and respect their opinions. Here, we are referring not only to our relationships with one another but also our relationships with suppliers and other partners-especially our customers.

DESERT WAY Trading believes in the modern SUPPLIER meaning:active subject that actively takes part in the value chain' A value that emerges from competence, flexibility, innovation and availability, always being oriented to the customer's necessities and the continous interaction with them.

We are proud to be an established supplier to oil & gas refineries, ship builders, electro-mechanical & associated enigineering industries who recognize our potential in supplying the highest quality of materials. Today we take pride in saying that we have not only retained the trust of our principles, but also of our clients who ultimately get benefitted from our stringent rules in quality control.

Desert Way provides the highest quality of service, thus building a good working relationship with each individual customer. Our philisophy is to create value for our customers by offering them the best materials,products and services that respond to their specific needs and allowing them to develop their markets. Customer satisfaction is our priority. DesertWay's reputation is based on the quality of our employees, which reflects our efficiency, flexibility and support.

Our one and only priority is " customer satisfaction "

Why we are best

We signifies what we offer, how our clients respond to our work, and how we feel about delivering it.
We achieve this because:

Expert Engineers

We manage the production process and those correlated to the product optimizing the resources in order to create value perceivable from the customer.

Customer Support

We have technical offices of the End Users in order to provide support before and after sale to the customers.


We are able to answer customer necessity and provide requirement at sustainable prices, it is a priority asset.